Indiana's first youth-led movement against the lies and manipulative tactics of tobacco companies. The youth are in charge of everything. They find creative ways to get their message out: street marketing, press conferences, posters, designing PSA's, haunted house and bowling and skating events.

What is the Voice movement all about?

  • It is a "for-youth", "by-youth" empowerment program ( Youth set up their own structure with adult allies as facilitators )

  • VOICE is a means by which youth can be heard in their community, and in their own way.

  • VOICE is focused on tobacco Prevention and Cessation

  • VOICE is based on a peer-to-peer education model (we want youth to talk to other youth)

  • VOICE is built on messages about how the tobacco industry targets teens as replacements for the smokers who die everyday (instead of using traditional health messages that do not work with teens)

  • VOICE is designed to reach youth ages 12-17 by blending popular culture with tobacco prevention information

What do we want VOICE to do?
  • Recruit youth from all of the Marion County Tobacco Free Organization and the community to participate in the VOICE partnership
  • Utilize VOICE to spearhead the STICK-IT to Secondhand Smoke campaign
  • Provide resources to youth champions as thet recruit and train others in the voice movement
  • VOICE creates and operates events
  • Utilize VOICE members to create stories to be submitted into newspapers and websites
  • Obtain pledges from families and youth to remain tobacco free
  • VOICE members will participate in trip program ( Tobacco Retailers Inspection Program )
  • Participate in the Indiana Black Expo, Indiana State Fair Tobacco Free Day, Marion County Tobacco Free Day and community and church events
  • Contact legislators, politicans and key stake holders to share messages and reinstate TPC funding levels to those recommended by the CDC Best Practices Standards
  • Participate in National Tobacco Free programs ( Kick-Butts, Great American Smoke Out, World No Tobacco Day )