My Brother's Keeper

This is a program to encourage and guide the process of transition for our youth into manhood in a way that transforms and encourages them to make healthy chocies. This program was developed in respones to a tragedy surrounding the events that led to the incarceration of one of our youth. There were missed opportunities to intervene and re-direct the path of many young people who have ruined their lives by making poor chocies and bad decisions.


Caring adults and mentors must be aware that our youthare in a constant battle against peer pressure to do the  wrong things. Inorder to win this fight there must be caring adults willing to stand in the gap and get involved with our youth. Mentors must stand what our youth are doing and thinking, where they are going, and what messages they are receiving, and be willing to teach them how to be a leader and how to be successful.

Working to provide positive and constructive activities
  • In the church and community
  • Through building stronger bonds
  • Hosting prevention rallies
  • Improving communication
  • Sponsoring field trips and outings
  • Providing motivational speakers
  • Supporting other youth programs
  • Supporting family values
  • Providing recreational/sporting activities
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