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Summer Camp

The Saint Florian Center offers summer camp programs for children and teens ages 6-17 with a focus on leadership, communication, problem-solving, confidence and team-building skills. Our camp is seven weeks long, beginning in early June and ending in late July. 

Each age group of campers are taught leadership and responsibility through assuming a peer leadership role within the camp. Through the documentation of campers, or cadets, meeting and exceeding expectations, they are able to earn money for their age group to spend during the camp. This way of learning by doing prepares our campers for "real world" salaries. 

Our camp utilizes our connections throughout the Indianapolis area to provide our campers with high-value learning opportunities, as well as many field trips around the state! 


Please see below for more information about the three age groups:

Junior Cadets (Ages 6-9)
This program introduces our ten core leadership principles and concentrates on daily reading and math skilling, as well as conquering the battle of the bulge. We focus on development in the following areas:​
  • Set of core values
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork abilities
  • Readers as leaders
  • Manners and Etiquette
  • Goal Setting
  • Movie Critics
  • Decision Making
Core Cadets (Ages 10-13)
This is a value-based program that provides direction for an increase in leadership and character development with a variety of weekly modules. The Core Cadets receive conflict resolution training, and are encouraged by groups of professionals. We emphasis the following: 
  • Master leadership techniques to "take over" all aspects of the summer camp
  • Plan activities, field trips, meals, rewards, etc.
  • Peer leadership to junior cadets
  • Communication and analytical skills
  • Collaboration
  • Expansion of cadet's comfort zone
Cash Club Cadets (Ages 14-17)
The Youth Employment program concentrates on refining leadership skills and teaching business skills to the cadets. The Cash Club will learn what it takes to get, keep, and excel in a job or start their own business. They will learn how to operate corporate equipment, follow rules and regulations, and how to mentor younger cadets to do the same. 
The Cash Club campers complete shadowing experiences throughout Indianapolis and will earn a stipend for work completed according to a signed contract between our staff and the cadet. Additionally, cadets will be able to complete college tours throughout the summer.
Cash Club Cadets:
  • Learn what it takes to get a job and start a business
  • Shadow local business professionals
  • Explore college options
  • Earn money while they learn
The Application for the 2024 Summer Camp is now OPEN .
Please contact us for information about the 2024 camp!
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